Services and production

There are three basic and inseparably linked directions in CJSC "CORMACO":

Направления деятельности

For each area certain Chief Engineer is charged. All works are coordinated by Chief Manager.


This direction performs the following kinds of works:

For this purpose the Department of Corrosion Monitoring was created in the Company, where identified 10 sites for the direction and territories.

The work on each oil-producing company appointed by the supervisor, who reports to the department head.


Management of Technology and Development serves:

Geographic information Systems' Sector (GIS):

Automated Control System's Sector:

Diagnostic Department and Laboratory of nondestructive testing and diagnostics:

Scientific developments and standards for OC operates Department of Health, Safety and Environment:

Technological Department:



Test Center of corrosion inhibitors and Field Trails performs the following works:

To carry out these works in the company created the first in RUSSIA Testing Center of corrosion inhibitors (TC) - a chemical laboratory with modern equipment and certified to conduct the analysis and selection of corrosion inhibitors, salts, and waxes.