Corrosion management

For ensuring of required level of pipelines' reliability and preventing environmental damage due to pipeline leakage it need to be applied complex of anticorrosive and corrosion monitoring measures.


Схема коррозионного менеджмента

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The base of corrosion management is the ongoing optimization of corrosion mitigation activities. It is possible under the realizations of following actions:

CJSC "CORMACO" possesses all required production capacities and scientific potential for the execution and maintenance of whole list of works on pipeline integrity assurance. We can carry out all the work activities on corrosion monitoring and corrosion inhibition; so also provide consulting to the Customers.


Development of Corrosion Monitoring and Inhibitor Protection's Effectiveness Program Manuals

Corrosion monitoring manual – it's an administrative normative document, which determine the key control parameters in the process of corrosion monitoring performance, so as the periodicity of control, selection and design of corrosion monitoring location; selection of monitoring techniques. Corrosion monitoring manuals are developed on basis of comprehensive analysis of information about corrosion process, actual technical condition of pipelines, their technical and technological parameters. The selection of corrosion monitoring locations is carried out with the implement of computerized models of pipelines' systems, integrated to a database on hydraulic calculations, pipeline's failures and inspection statistical data (GIS).

Design and Arrangement of Corrosion Monitoring Locations

CJSC "CORMACO" manufactures and provides all the list of equipment for monitoring location's arrangement.

Low pressure Corrosion Monitoring Points (Low pressure access system for installing weight loss coupons, probes, sampling devices, and others) manufactured by CORMACO. All equipment is certificated by ROSSTANDART certification confirming high quality and industrial safety. "CORMACO" carries out selection and delivery of corrosion monitoring equipment directly from domestic and foreign manufacturers Teledyne CORMON.

Service and technical maintenance of Corrosion Monitoring Locations

CORMACO has extensive material-technical base and personal for the realization of works on corrosion monitoring in the Company-Customer's oilfields. The main principle of works is the observance and implement of norms and measures of industrial safety and labour protection. All employees, whose work is carried out on the oilfields, have been trained on required programs courses on industrial safety and have respectively permissions for carrying out works in dangerous industrial objects.

Among the operational and technical maintenance works:    

Inspection and NDT of pipeline's wall thickness

NDT techniques are used to determine factual wall thickness, assess wall thickness changes and remanent life assessment provision. All theses activities are performed by "CORMACO"s NDT and diagnosis Laboratory.

Corrosion Monitoring Data Handling

One of the main goals of corrosion monitoring is operative data processing and timely providing the Customer with information on pipe-line corrosion condition and mitigation measures' effectiveness. To provide operative data-processing CORMACO possesses certified Chemical-Analytical Laboratory and electronic databases, for storing, and processing data, and generating reports. Systematic comprehensive approach allows us reliably and timely informs Customer on trends in pipe-line corrosion condition and current condition of inhibitor protection. We operatively provide recommendations on optimization of inhibition technology and monitoring of corrosion.


Corrosion Inhibitor Testing and Selecting

Chemical-analytical laboratory «CORMACO» carries out comprehensive testing of corrosion inhibitors; defining reagents, which reveal their protective and transport properties in the best way for concrete pipeline system of the Company-Customer. Testing is performed applying modern instrumental equipment. Testing is carried out modeling the main conditions and factors, which determine the corrosion mechanism in the pipeline system. CI testing may be performed for conditions of sweet corrosion, sour corrosion, oxygen corrosion, or combined cases. Depending on the functional type of pipeline system the chemical reagents are tested in aqueous media or water cut hydrocarbon media (for stratified or turbulent flow regime). Mitigation properties of both the general and local corrosion so as the protective film's persistency are evaluated. We have developed CI testing methodic for low water cut product pipelines.

Pilot Field Testing

It is the last stage in the process of introduction of new CI so as in application expansion of CI applied on others oil field process conditions. CORMACO carries out the whole works activities' complex for Pilot.

Testing performance:    

In the process of execution of Pilot Testing Customer's or ours in-hose instruments and tools can be used.

Development of Inhibitor Protection Program Manual

TInhibitor Protection Program Manual is the basic document, which determine injection locations and CI deployment technologies; requirements to the CI injection and CI quality control and protection effectiveness requirements. In the program manual the issue of organization interface between the Company-Customer's departments (divisions) and contracting organizations are worked at. The availability of Inhibitor Protection Program Manual allows properly organization of protection technologies and ensuring of required anticorrosive protection's effectiveness

Corrosion Inhibitor's Industrial application and injection process monitoring

CORMACO carries out the whole list of works on service and maintenance of Chemical Dosing Devices:    

We can in full provide inhibitor injection activities in the Company-Customer's oilfields or else carry out audits on chemical injection process and dosing devices' inspection.