Our company carries out the following types of works in the area of GIS:

Our experts make maps of the lines of the surface flow for defining the product's pouring area in case of pipelines' failures, and they can solve the inverse problem of defining pollution source. This kind of activity is carried out in interaction with organizations of the Russian Federation and foreign countries (CIS, Europe) and Educational establishments (Tomsk State University).

The cartographical information is up-dated regularly according satellite data by the close interaction with the Tomsk State University. For coordinate bridging we use GPS - Global Positioning System: Positional exhibiting of points allows defining the exact location of objects and counting the lay of land.

Our engineers use licensed products: Arc Info, Arc view, MapInfo, Easy trace, Erdas Imagine, (powerful software package for vectorization, processing topography materials and aerospace photography, GIS information). These data handling software packages, and analysis together with remote databases on the basis of Databases' Managament Systems SQL, Oracle 7.0, Oracle 8i, allow operative view of received information in a digital form and in hard copy medium.