Nondestructive testing

Nondestructive Testing – is the determination of actual wear of the pipe wall.

Our company has the certificated laboratory of nondestructive testing and diagnostic.

Our laboratory is certificated by the independent body for certification of laboratories of nondestructive testing "SertiNK" NUC "Welding and Сontrol" at N.E.Bauman MSTY (the certificate No.61А570417).

Area of certification

1.1. Objects of boiler control:

2.6. Equipment of oil and gas industry:

3.8. Equipment of fire and chemically dangerous manufactures:

Nondestructive testing methods:


Acoustic kind of the control:

Visual and measuring control

Our experts have wide experience of work in the field of nondestructive control and examination of industrial safety of dangerous industrial objects.

Our experts have certificates of:

Our laboratory is equipped with modern devices and the equipment for realization of not nondestructive testing, corrosion monitoring and analyses of the received results.

Scheduled diagnostics inspections have, as a rule, insufficient periodicity and volume of the control. Alongside with scheduled inspections our company is for the application of diagnostics in system of corrosion management (RBI - Risk Based Inspection - diagnostics based on estimations of risk). The equipment in the most dangerous places of Corrosion Monitoring Points on the basis of long-term sensors (for example, ultrasonic) allows to trace a condition of object continuously in time.

Diagnostic inspections in aggregate with operative corrosion monitoring and inhibitor protection are the major element of corrosion management.